Academic Calendar

Academic calendar 2022/2023

Teaching in winter semester: 16 September – 16 December 2022
Examination period in winter semester: 2 January  – 10 February 2023
Course registration in STAG for winter semester: from 6 September until 9 October 2022

Teaching in summer semester: 10 February – 12 May 2023
Examination period in summer semester: 15 May – 30 June 2023
Course registration in STAG for summer semester: from 17 January until 6 March 2023

Main holidays: 1 July – 31 August 2023 

Study duties for the AY 2022/2023 must be completed by 6 September 2023

Schedule of the progress and checking of doctoral students’ study duties

15th October By 10th October, the doctoral study programme (DSP) student must submit an electronic copy of the Individual study plan (ISP) for the specific academic year to the Doctoral Study Officer. The ISP must be approved and signed by the supervisor. First year doctoral students submit not only the ISP for the academic year but also the ISP for the whole study time.

31st October The Doctoral Study Officer shall hand over the ISP by all doctoral students to the Subject-area Board Chairperson for approval and when they are approved, the officer uploads all the ISPs into the respective DSP section in the UPShare by 31st October latest. Any potential comments by the Subject-area Board Chairperson shall be dealt with by the Chairperson and the respective DSP students and their supervisors by the abovementioned date.

31st March DSP students can submit their applications for dissertation defence at any time during the academic year. In case the DSP student wishes to complete the studies by 31st August of the respective academic year, they must submit the application for the dissertation defence to the Student Affairs Office by 31st March of the respective year. The application may also be submitted after this deadline but in such a case the Subject-are Board and the Student Affairs Office cannot guarantee that it will be possible to organise the defence by 31st August.

25th August Doctoral students whose interruption of studies is to end by 31st August 2021 must inform the study officer by 25th August 2022 about their future intentions in the study and must send her one of the following documents:

  1. Application for re-enrolment into studies. Students returning to their studies who have exceeded the standard study time must also submit an application for a study prolongation containing the supervisor’s statement. The application is to be submitted to the Doctoral Study Officer at by 25th August 2022;
  2. Application for another interruption of studies if they are entitled to it. The application must contain an approval by the supervisor. The study can always be interrupted just for the whole semester or for the whole academic year, i.e. till 13th February 2023, or till 31st August 2023;
  3. Announcement about terminating one’s studies if they do not wish to continue.

Doctoral students who wish to return to their studies after they interrupted them should also always inform their supervisor and the Subject-area Board Chairperson.

25th August By 25th August 2022 latest, DSP students must submit to the Doctoral Study Officer ( an electronic copy (signed and scanned) of the following documents relating to the ending academic year:

  1. Annual study report – a form about the completion of the ISP filled-in in Czech or English. Subject-area Boards may have their own forms; in such a case the supervisor, Subject-area Board Chairperson or secretary shall inform students about this. The report should contain the supervisor’s statement (on the last page of the form). Please contact the supervisor well in advance when asking them for a statement provision.
  2. Application for study interruption/prolongation beyond the standard study time if relevant (the study interruption/prolongation time can only correspond to the whole semester or the whole academic year, i.e. till 13th February 2023, or till 31st August 2023). The application must contain the supervisor’s recommendation. The Subject-area Board Chairperson’s statement about the application for a study prolongation shall consequently be arranged by the Doctoral Study Officer.

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