Doctoral studies at FA UP

The doctoral study programme (hereinafter referred to as the DSP) represents the highest level of university education one can achieve. It can only be realised at institutions which have a sufficient scholar capacity and supervisors with relevant scholar profiles.
Currently, the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc has accredited DSP subject areas for three or four years. In these, individual FA training units train future scholars in a wide spectre of humanities and social sciences. The study, which has very individual characteristics, is realised especially under the direct guidance of the supervisor.

The aim of the doctoral studies is to prepare specialists ready to perform scientific and research work in the chosen subject area. Within their doctoral studies, students learn about the basic theoretical disciplines of their subject area, key methodology procedures, increase their foreign language knowledge, ability to conduct research and present their work results in international environments of conferences and by publishing. The syllabus also focuses on the acquisition of basic teaching competences (teaching, checking knowledge, supervising and tutoring qualification papers). The most important part of the doctoral studies is the preparation of the dissertation in which students apply the abovementioned knowledge and competences.