Doctoral studies are mainly meant for graduates of Master’s degree or equivalent programmes. At the Faculty of Arts UP Olomouc, you can study the doctoral programme in the following ways:

  • Full-time study (the doctoral student receives a bursary and is involved in the organisation, teaching and scholar work of their department or another training unit) or
  • Part-time study (the doctoral student fulfils the study duties on the grounds of the FA UP or another training unit only to a limited extent and studies mainly remotely).

A complete list of doctoral study programmes offered by the FA UP is available in the catalogue of study programmes. Most doctoral study programmes are accredited in the Czech language, the following doctoral study programmes are accredited in English:

  • Adult Education
  • Political Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Work & Organizational Psychology and Traffic Psychology

Study programmes implemented in foreign languages are charged an annual tution fee.

Additional admission procedure to doctoral studies for applicants from Ukraine

From 15 th May 2022 the additional admission procedure for applicants from Ukraine is open.

Applicants submit an online application form

The application for study can be submitted from 15th May 2022 to 30th June 2022.

Applicants are exempted from the administrative fee for the admission procedure.

Attachments required with the application form

The online application attachments must usually include the below mentioned documents or any other documents required by the respective department:

  1. a CV in Czech language; in the case of philological field of study, also in the language of the study programme,
  2. a copy of their diploma or a current confirmation of studies if the applicant is still in the Master’s study programme in the specific academic year; if the applicant does not have this document at his/her disposal, it can be replaced by an affidavit of completion of university studies,
  3. Dissertation project proposal in Czech language (3–5 pages including literature); in the case of philological field of study, also in the language of the study programme,
  4. A copy of the visa sticker in the passport or a copy of the record in or outside the passport confirming the temporary protection (code D/VS/U or D/DO/xxx),
  5. Any other relevant documents, e. g. a list of published papers and other activities in the specific subject area.


The attachments are to be uploaded into the online application form. Without uploading and submitting the required documents the application cannot be accepted.

Detailed conditions of the admission procedure into the doctoral study programmes called Work & Organizational Psychology and Traffic Psychology are found here. In case of any questions please contact the programme secretary dr. Martin Seitl on

Your online application for study shall only be accepted if it is complete and submitted in due time.

In case of questions or discrepancies applicants can contact the Doctoral Study Officer Mgr. Lucie Kovaříková, Ph.D. (tel.: 585 633 013, e-mail

Oral entrance examination

The entrance exam is usually conducted as an oral interview and the requirements for its passing generally include:

  • Specialised quality of the presented dissertation project, its realistic feasibility and compliance with the science-research focus of the institution,
  • Ability to present and defend the dissertation project,
  • Basic knowledge of methodologies necessary for project work,
  • Ability to communicate in a world language or a subject area language,
  • Orientation in current basic problems in the subject area,
  • General tendency towards science-research work.

Invitation for the oral entrance exam shall be posted in the applicant’s online application form, “Documents” tab, 14 days before the exam date. Applicants shall be notified about the posted invitation via e-mail.

Important dates:

The due date to submit the application for study including all the required documents is
30th June 2022.

The admission procedure date is 6th September 2022.

Decision on study admission

The information about being or not being accepted to the study shall be distributed to applicants from 10th September 2022 on. The Notification on the proposal for admission will be posted in the applicant’s online application form, “Documents” tab. A written Letter of Acceptance shall be delivered electronically to the applicant’s online application as soon as the certified copy of a Master’s degree diploma is submitted. Applicants who are not accepted shall receive a written decision to their postal address.

Applicants from abroad

Applicants who received their previous university degrees abroad must send to the FA UP Student Affairs Office a certified copy of their Master’s degree diploma and diploma supplement so that the previous study can be assessed for the needs of the admission procedure at Palacký University. 

Documents shall be sent in Czech, Slovak or English and must be certified in compliance with current international agreements.

Detailed information on the assessment of foreign education and on the certification ways is found here (ENG).

Postal address for receiving certified documents: 
Palacký University Olomouc 
Faculty of Arts 
Student Affairs Office 
Křížkovského 10 
771 80 Olomouc 
Czech Republic

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