Claudio Rodríguez Higuera, Ph.D.,M.A

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Katedra obecné lingvistiky

Filozofická fakulta

Křížkovského 14


Odborný asistent

Functions & membership in academic & non academic bodies:

  • International Society for Biosemiotic Studies (člen, 2021–)
Juan RC., Rodríguez Higuera C., Juan A. R., Alberto S. Analyzing the meaning of social images during pandemic lockdown. Social Semiotics. 2023.
Rodríguez Higuera C., Tønnessen M. Biosemiotic Achievement Award for the Year 2020. Biosemiotics. 2021.
Rodríguez Higuera C., Lacková Ľ. Lessons Learned: the 20th Gatherings in Biosemiotics. Biosemiotics. 2021.
Rodríguez Higuera C. The Immateriality of Meaning. Constructivist Foundations. 2020.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Productive Perils: On Metaphor as a Theory-Building Device. Linguistic Frontiers. 2019.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Some Challenges to the Evolutionary Status of Semiosis. Biosemiotics. 2019.
Coca J., Rodríguez Higuera C. Approaches to Biosemiotics. 2023.
Lacková Ľ., Rodríguez Higuera C., Kull K. Gatherings in Biosemiotics XX. In Lacková Ľ., Rodríguez Higuera C., Kull K. (Eds.) 2020.
Rodríguez Higuera C. The Role of Metaphors in Model-Building Within the Sciences of Meaning. Re-Inventing Organic Metaphors for the Social Sciences. 2023.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Biosemiotics and Evolution. In Rodríguez Higuera C., Romay Coca J. (Eds.) Biosocial World: Biosemiotics and Biosociology. 2022.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Signifying Beyond Logic. In Velmezova E. (Eds.) Tunne loodust! Knowing Nature in the Languages of Biosemiotics. 2022.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Never letting go: The search for semiotic universals from Jakobson to biosemiotics. In Salupere S. (Eds.) (Re)considering Roman Jakobson. 2021.
Lacková Ľ., Rodríguez Higuera C. Introduction: Twenty. Gatherings in Biosemiotics XX. 2020.
Rodríguez Higuera C. Minding Nature and Semiotic Growth: A conversation with Jesper Hoffmeyer. Gatherings in Biosemiotics XX. 2020.
Rodríguez Higuera C. The not-so-distant future: The perception of biosemiotics in 2050. Gatherings in Biosemiotics XX. 2020.

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