Faculty Management

Address of Dean's office: Křížkovského 10


doc. Mgr. Jan Stejskal M.A., Ph.D.
585 633 001





Chairperson of Academic Senate of FoA

Mgr. Ondřej Molnár, Ph.D.
585 633 105







Vice-Dean for External Relations
Mgr. Petr Bilík, Ph.D.
 585 633 435




Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs
doc. Mgr. Pavlína Flajšarová, Ph.D.
585 633 132



Vice-Dean for Study Matters
PhDr. Eva Klimentová, Ph.D.
 585 633 410



Vice-Dean for Science
doc. PhDr. Lenka Křupková, Ph.D.
 585 633 287



Vice-Dean for Organization and Development  
Mgr. Ondřej Kučera, Ph.D.
 585 633 463



Vice-Dean for Digitalization and Infrastructure
Mgr. Vladimír P. Polách, Ph.D.
585 633 169, 777 570 618



Vice-Dean for Accreditation and Doctoral Studies
Mgr. Kristýna Solomon, Ph.D.
 585 633 224




Faculty Bursar

Ing. Andrea Wagnerová
 585 633 008





Academic Senate

Senators AS FoA PU


Mgr. Ondřej Molnár, Ph.D., e-mail: (chairman)
doc. Mgr. Radmila Prchal Pavlíčková, Ph.D., e-mail:, (1st Vice-chairman)
doc. PhDr. Božena Bednaříková, Ph.D., email:
Mgr. Renata Čižmárová, e-mail: 
PhDr. Martin Dolejš, Ph.D., e-mail: 
prof. Dr. Wilken Engelbrecht, cand. litt., e-mail:   
Mgr. Martin Fafejta, Ph.D., e-mail:
Mgr. Filip Kraus, Ph.D., e-mail:
Mgr. Lukáš Kubina, Ph.D., e-mail:
doc. PhDr. Petr Orság, Ph.D., e-mail: 
prof. Mgr. Jiří Špička, Ph.D., e-mail: 
Mgr. Lucie Viktorová, Ph.D., e-mail:
prof. Mgr.Lic. Lenka Zajícová, Ph.D., e-mail:
doc. PhDr. Jana Zapletalová, Ph.D., e-mail:


Mgr. David Broul, Katedra politologie a evropských studií, e-mail: (2nd Vice-chairman)
Bc. Adéla Dudová, Katedra psychologie, e-mail:
Mgr. Monika Hálová, Katedra asijských studií, e-mail:
Mgr. Tomáš Holešovský, Katedra mediálních a kulturálních studií a žurnalistiky, e-mail:  
Štěpánka Ptáčková, Katedra psychologie, e-mail:
Antonín Šrejber, Katedra divadelních a filmových studií, e-mail:
Kristýna Václavková, Katedra historie, e-mail:

Research Ethics Panel


The FF UP Ethics Panel protects the dignity, rights, health, quality of life, and safety of all parties involved in research at UP Faculty of Arts. Another important goal is to cultivate and promote best practices in the processing of research project proposals and to generally help improve the quality of research project proposals.

The Ethics Panel reviews research project proposals for ethical soundness in terms of their themes, planned procedures, and tools. The Ethics Panel is also authorized to whether research participants are sufficiently informed and their rights protected.

An ethical clearance is particularly required in the following instances:

  1. when required by legislation or a binding international agreement;
  2. an ethical clearance is required by the grant/subsidy provider;
  3. an ethical clearance is required by the relevant journal;
  4. research involving vulnerable individuals or groups;
  5. research processing the following personal data of identified or identifiable persons:
    • race and ethnicity data,
    • political views,
    • religious or philosophical beliefs,
    • trade union membership,
    • genetic data,
    • biometric data allowing for or confirming the unique identification of a natural person,
    • health data,
    • sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person,
    • criminal background data,
  6. cover story and other ethically-challenged research methods.

The Panel assesses the ethical aspects of research carried out by students only in special and justified cases.

If a project has been approved by another ethics committee, the FF UP researcher notifies the Ethics Panel by submitting an application and attaching the approval of the ethics committee. The Ethics Panel acknowledges the prior approval, without issuing an opinion.

The Panel never evaluates ongoing projects.


Members of the 2021-2024 Ethics Panel:

  • Ivona Barešová
  • Ondřej Bláha
  • Tomáš Nejeschleba
  • Olga Pechová
  • Matúš Šucha (Chair)
  • Daniel Topinka
  • Elizabeth Allyn Woock
  • Jana Zapletalová

Submitting the application

Project clearance application is submitted using the prescribed form. Annexed is detailed and relevant information facilitating ethical clearance. If relevant, the full text of the informed consent is annexed. If the project is a student's dissertation, the supervisor's approval is a mandatory part of the application for review.

Applicants following an (industry-specific) code of ethics indicate this in the application and provide reference to the wording of the code.

Applications need to be submitted ahead of time to avoid the approval process deadline - 60 days - jeopardizing the project submission deadline.

Panel meetings

The Panel convenes every first Wednesday of the month.


Matúš Šucha – Chair

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