Exchange Students

Study Exchanges at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University

EXCHANGES 2021-2022 – Faculty Cooperation Agreements (non Erasmus+)


The list of nominated students please send to Mrs Simona Černá: (state the full name of the student, gender, email address, study major, level of study, study period – autumn/spring/academic year).

Nomination deadline: Autumn semester and Academic year May 15, 2021 (non-visa students May 31)

On-line registration

After being nominated, your students will have to apply online. We will contact the nominated students directly. Registration possible from April 20.

Online registration deadline: Autumn semester and academic year - May 31, 2021 (non-visa students June 15)

International Office

The Office is responsible for study exchanges of incoming students under agreements between universities, governments, or as the case may be, Palacký University Olomouc and a partner institution. Such student exchanges last up to 1 academic year and are governed by a learning agreement approved before the student’s arrival.
No degree or diploma is awarded upon completion of the student exchange. If you are interested in a full-fledged study programme, please contact the Students Office of the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University (BA and MA programmes) or the Research Office (Ph.D. Programmes).

Our team

Mgr. Simona Černá
International students - short study exchanges
Incoming academic staff (scholarships only)

Křížkovského 10, Room No. 2.20
Phone: + 420 585 633 496 

Office hours:
Monday: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 9.30 a.m., 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Mgr. Jana Hořáková
Outgoing students and employees

Křížkovského 10, Room No. 2.20
Phone: 00420 585 633 014

Office hours:
Monday: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 11.00 a.m., 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

doc. Mgr. Pavlína Flajšarová, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for International Affairs

Phone: 00420 585 633 132

What short exchange stays are available at the Faculty of Arts

• Erasmus+ (EU)

The University International Relations Office is responsible for Erasmus+ stays.
For more details see:

• Erasmus+ (ICM - International Credit Mobility)

The University International Relations Office is responsible for ICM stays.
At the moment, the Faculty cooperates with the following partner institutions:

  • University of Vlora Ismail Qemali – Albania
  • University of Cairo – Egypt

For more details see:

• CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)

The CEEPUS Agreement has been signed by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, North Macedonia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. The University of Prishtina, Prizren and Peja in Kosovo are participating as well.

Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of two semesters, postgraduate students and members of academic staff of public universities are eligible for the programme. It is also possible to apply for an individual mobility (the freemover mobility). However, network mobilities are the primary focus of the programme.

How to apply

The application filed by the student must be approved by the National CEEPUS Office (NCO). If the scholarship has been awarded, the NCO will inform the student and the CEEPUS coordinator of Palacký University. The conditions of the stay are similar to those of Erasmus+ programmes; students need not pay tuition fees, and are eligible for pre-booked dormitory accommodation. If students come for a whole semester/academic year, they must draw up the Learning Agreement before their arrival. To choose your courses, consult the contact persons of the CEEPUS network (see below).
The courses offered at the Faculty of Arts in a foreign language are listed here.

To check the CEEPUS scholarship rates,  see:
Any costs of the stay that exceed the scholarship will be borne by the student.

If you have been selected for the CEEPUS programme, you must register in the university portal online.
For the application and registration, see:

After filling in the registration form, you will receive an automated confirmation of your registration. The confirmation e-mail will also include login details for the UP portal; you must keep the e-mail in case you need to go back to the application (registration form) to amend or modify it. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Simona Černá, Faculty Coordinator 

CEEPUS University Networks involving the Faculty of Arts

  1. Language and Literature in a Central European Context 
    Coordinator: Mr. Bas Hamers, Department of Dutch Studies,
  2. Idea of Europe in European Culture, History and Politics
    Coordinator: Mrs. Radmila Švaříčková Slabáková, Dept. of History,
  3. Slavic Philology and its Cultural Context
    Coordinator: Mrs. Martina Pálušová, Dept. of Slavonics Studies,
  4. E-Bologna for Translation Studies Programmes in Central and Eastern European Countries 
    Coordinator: Mrs. Veronika Sejkorová, Dept. of British and American Studies,
  5. Inter-American Studies
    Coordinator: Mr. David Livingstone, Ph.D., Dept. of English and American Studies,
  6. Korean Studies in Central and Eastern Europe
    Coordinator: Andreas Schirmer, Dept. of Asian Studies,
  7. Red the Hispanistas de Europa Central
    Coordinator: Mgr. Daniel Esparza, Ph.D., Department of Romance Languages,

• Faculty or University Cooperation Agreements (Bilateral Exchange Programmes)

Most bilateral exchanges are implemented under cooperation agreements between Palacký University and a partner university (University Cooperation Agreements). The University International Relations Office is responsible for such exchanges. For more details and information on how to apply, please contact the International Relations Office of Palacký University:

Some bilateral exchanges are implemented under an agreement between the Faculty of Arts and a partner university (Faculty Cooperation Agreements). The International Office of the Faculty of Arts is responsible for such stays. 
At the moment, such Faculty Cooperation Agreements are in place with Osaka University (School of Letters) and Tomsk State University.

How to apply

Students are nominated by partner universities. After being nominated, students are invited to register in the university portal. Students will not be admitted without registration. For the application and registration, see:

After filling in the registration form, you will receive an automated confirmation of your registration. The confirmation e-mail will also include login details for the UP portal; you must keep the e-mail in case you need to go back to the application (registration form) to amend or modify it. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Simona Černá, Faculty Coordinator

• International Agreements (Government Exchange Programmes)

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships to foreign nationals. Such scholarships are awarded to applicants nominated by the competent authorities of eligible countries. Scholarships of this type are designed for university/college students or graduates and Ph.D. candidates (exceptionally also for university researchers/teachers) who wish to do a study or research stay at one of the Czech public institutions of higher education. Its length usually ranges from 2 to 10 months depending on the agreement made by the Czech government and the government of the respective country; the agreement also defines the categories of eligible recipients.

For more information see:

• International Visegrad Fund

This international programme is focused on the cooperation among the Visegrad Group (V4) countries, i.e. the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the ties among people in the region. The Fund provides funding for joint cultural, scientific, research and educational projects, youth exchanges, promotion of tourism and cross-border cooperation.

For more information, please see:

• Freemovers

If you wish to study at our Faculty for one semester or academic year without a cooperation agreement in place, you will be required to pay tuition fees. The tuition fees must be paid by students who wish to register for courses taught in a language other than Czech. Please contact the International Office of the Faculty of Arts to discuss your study plans and ask any questions.

A minimum number of credits that you must register in one semester equals 15 ECTS credits (BA and MA programmes). Stays of Ph.D. students are dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the field of their dissertation. Approximate tuition fees: BA programme: EUR 1000 EUR/semester; MA programme (follow-up) EUR 1250 EUR/semester; Ph.D. programme EUR 1500/semester.

• Central Europe: Traditions, Crossroads and Challenges

Tailored Semester Abroad Program
Faculty of Arts
Duration: 12 weeks (March-May)
Credits: 30 ECTS
Program Overview

Since the 1990s Palacký University in Olomouc has been hosting more than twenty students from the University of Nebraska each year. The goal of the program is to provide the students with an intensive interdisciplinary insight into European history, culture and society and to expose and engage them in on-site research projects.

The curriculum was designed to provide a unique academic experience: covering key topics of Western Civilizations, the Holocaust, Central European history, and present day challenges. It also provides abundant opportunities of cultural immersion through a Czech language courses and extracurricular activities including many academic excursions. Students are also integrated into the campus through numerous events, walking trips, and fun activities like film screenings organized by the university's joint collaboration with ISHA Olomouc (The International Students of History Association). A free week in the middle of the semester enables student to make individual trips and explore other European countries.

Learning Outcomes
At the beginning of the program, students participate in an intensive three-day introduction to Czech culture as well as the orientation at the university and the city of Olomouc. Czech Language Course - Students will acquire basic knowledge of the Czech language and be submerged in the culture (e.g. folklore dancing evening). Session I: Western Civilization and the Holocaust - Students will gain a deeper understanding of the key topics of European history and culture. Session II: Central Europe in Context - Students will gain an interdisciplinary perspective of CE society and cultures. 18 speakers with various backgrounds will offer the lectures on history, art, media studies, political studies, sociology, environmental studies, and economics.
All field trips are academically interlinked with in-class sessions and are designed to provide better understanding of the discussed issues. The program lecturers guide all of the following trips: Prague and Dresden (4 days), Vienna and Venice (5 days), Krakow and Auschwitz (3 days), South Bohemia (5 days), short trips to Bouzov Castle, Kroměříž, Rožnov Open Air Museum.
Scholarship Opportunities: Successful graduates of the program are eligible for a waiver at Euroculture Erasmus-Mundus MA program at Palacký University (
Contact: Jan Stejskal, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator (e-mail:
Martin Elbel, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator (e-mail:

What you need to know about your stay

Each semester is preceded by an orientation week. The week is organized by the University International Relations Office and takes place one week before the classes start. During the orientation week, students receive basic information about how Palacký University works and about their stay in Olomouc.

Students arriving in Olomouc after the orientation week should contact the office responsible for their stay, i.e. either the University International Relations Office (Erasmus+ and University Cooperation Agreements) or Faculty International Office (CEEPUS, Government Exchanges, Faculty Cooperation Agreements, Visegrad Fund, Freemovers).


Students who have not officially registered for their courses must do so as soon as they arrive in Olomouc. If possible, students should make an appointment with their department coordinator. Students should start attending their courses as soon as possible after their arrival. International students may usually register for courses during an additional period of 10-14 days after the classes have started. Students must follow any instructions given by the Faculty International Office.

For a course registration to be valid at the Faculty of Arts, you must be registered through the STAG information system. Students may only attend courses for which they have officially registered. This does not apply to the first and second week of the semester to make it possible for international students not to miss classes in courses if they have not registered for yet.


The Learning Agreement may only be amended within 4 weeks after the classes have started; thereafter, courses may not be registered or deregistered. The Faculty may, however, make such (de)registration possible in justified cases. In such cases, students must submit to the Faculty International Office a written justification signed by the course instructor or the department international coordinator.


Study administration is carried out in the STAG information system. Students must register in the University Portal using their login details received during the orientation week or as part of the online registration. After logging in the STAG information system, students may access information about their study. Course registration is also done through the STAG system. To register for courses, go to My study and Pre-registration. To find information about their course syllabi, department, academic calendar etc., use the Browse feature.

Courses at the Faculty of Arts

Students at exchanges at the Faculty of Arts must register for most of their courses at the Faculty. Subject to an agreement, students may also register for courses at other faculties (one to three courses). The recommended number of credits that you must register in one semester is 20-30 ECTS credits. For some of the courses, you must submit a proof of B2 competence in the respective language (as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference). This applies, without limitation, to the courses offered by the Department of English and American Studies, which requires a certificate of language proficiency. The situation varies at other departments. If you have doubts, check with the course instructor. Courses taught in Czech may be usually attended without any restrictions.

2021/2022 course offer for exchange students

The following courses are primarily designed for international students:

  • CJV/AEEX - Academic English for Exchange Students
  • CJV/ECEX - English Communication for Exchange Students
  • KAA/ERAS - Czech Culture and History
  • KPE/BCECS - Central European Culture and Society
  • KPE/BCEU - Central Europe and the European Union

For information about the courses and their syllabi, browse
Go to the Courses feature and enter the course and department codes. If the information is not sufficient, contact details of the instructor should be provided.

Czech for Foreigners courses are offered by the Department of Czech Studies: Intensive Czech for Foreigners courses are also available for beginners. Students who have studied Czech before (i.e. other than beginners) will sit for a placement test. The courses last for 1 semester and carry 4 ECTS credits. The post-course examination is optional, and thus you must register for it under a special code (the examination carries 1 ECTS credit)

For more practical details, see the page Useful information (Before and during your stay).

How to extend your stay

You wish to extend your stay from the winter semester to the whole academic year, you must file an official application. Erasmus+ students should follow the instructions of the University International Relations Office; a consent by the department coordinator is always required. The students must attach a Learning Agreement for the next semester to the application; the Learning Agreement must specify the courses the student wishes to register for. Students will choose courses available at the Faculty of Arts, which may be complemented by courses at other faculties. Most courses must, however, be those at the Faculty of Arts.

The University or Faculty International Office will inform the students whether the application for extension has been approved or not.

What you must do at the end of your stay

Before the end of the stay and leaving Olomouc, you must contact your contact person at the International Relations Office and request a confirmation of your stay. You should make the appointment one week before you plan to leave. We recommend that you do not leave before you have fulfilled your study requirements and before you know the results.

Transcript of Records

The Faculty will issue an official Transcript of Records within 4-5 weeks after the end of your stay, but not later than within 6 weeks. The Transcript of Records may only be issued if all teachers have entered the study results in the STAG information system, including the number of points where applicable.

A copy of the Transcript of Records will be available for the Erasmus+ students in system for Erasmus mobility administration at Palacký University: Other students will receive a copy by e-mail. If you wish to receive an original copy, you must request so.


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