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International Programs Offered by Cal Poly Pomona

1.   Summer 2021 Online American Language and Culture Program (ALCP)

ALCP is specially designed for international students who are interested in improving their English proficiency and experiencing authentic American culture. This three-week online program links classroom learning with fun activities. The participating students will not only enhance their English-language skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading, but also gain a deeper understanding of the many aspects that contribute to American culture. More information is available at:

2.   Summer 2021 Online Student Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program


SIELP offers lectures, workshops, panel discussions, activities, final presentations, etc. that relate to student innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership skill setting and practice. Since 2015, more than 1,400 international students from 40+ universities around the world have participated in this program at Cal Poly Pomona.  From October 2020 when SIELP was moved online, more than 400 international students have participated in this program so far.  More information is available at:; And here are the links to the program video:; or,

3.    American Semester Program (ASP)
The ASP provides international university students with opportunities to enroll in credit-bearing classes without having to be officially admitted by Cal Poly Pomona as matriculated students.  Program participants can study at Cal Poly Pomona for one or two semesters. Credits earned will appear on Cal Poly Pomona’s official academic transcripts and are transferable. In Summer and Fall 2021, ASP will allow international students to virtually take courses from their home countries. Without having to travel to the U.S. as an F-1 international student, program participants will not be required to take courses with the minimum credit units per semester anymore. More info is available at:

4.    Pre-Master’s Programs

       The Pre-Master’s programs are designed for local and international students to take credit-bearing courses as a cohort to clear prerequisite courses required by Cal Poly Pomona’s graduate programs. The Pre-Master’s programs are available in five majors and will be offered from July 5, 2021.  Students will take the courses virtually from their home.  More information is available at:

5.   3(4)+1+ Master’s Program
Students who have completed three or four years of undergraduate studies in their home universities can take courses at Cal Poly Pomona to complete their undergraduate studies while preparing for graduate studies (up to 9 units can be transferred to CPP master’s programs). With satisfactory academic performance, students may be able to get GRE/GMAT score waived for their application and finish their graduate studies at CPP in one year.  More information is available at:

6.   Summer Program on AI Technology, APP Development and Gaming Design

      Students will learn about artificial intelligence technology and Unity3D to create your own online game and a lot of other cool stuff! The program are customized and will virtually offer lectures on virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, Internet of things, cloud and mobile computing, cyber security, AI algorithm, animation & coding, etc. Students will also learn about how cool companies like Tesla, Instagram, Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, etc. are making incredible opportunities through IT innovation and entrepreneurship. Every student will have the opportunity to make their own games, APPs or other IT designs by taking this program, and present these projects at computer science competitions in the U.S.

       Please contact GEI team for more details.

7.   International Visiting Faculty and Fellows Program

Cal Poly Pomona welcomes international faculty and fellows to visit with us for three months to one year. The visiting faculty and fellows will have a meaningful and beneficial educational experience during their stay at CPP. CPP will accept new J-1 visiting fellows in Fall 2021.  The earliest date on the DS2019 form is September 1, 2021 which means that new J-1 visiting faculty and fellows could arrive in the United States any time in August 2021. Please contact GEI team for more details.

8.   Customized Programs for International University Students, Middle and High School Students, University Faculty and Other Working Professionals

      Programs can be tailored to meet the participants’ specific needs with flexible curricula and activities. GEI provides personalized services to ensure program participants have a meaningful and beneficial educational experience. More information is available at:; and

       Please contact GEI team for more details.